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Arabic 2

This course is for you if you've completed:

  • Arabic 1 at Pacific Arabic, or

  • the text Alif Baa at another school*, or

  • the text Al-Kitaab, vol. 1 through Chapter 5 at another school*

What You'll Learn


  • Arabic alphabet: eight final letters

  • reading and writing

  • basic conversation


  • definite article

  • sun and moon letters

  • hamza (glottal stop)

  • alif maqsuura

  • nisba adjectives

  • sound and broken plurals (nationalities)

  • case endings (al-i3raab): introduction to the genitive (al-jarr)


  • there is / there is not

  • possessive pronouns

  • "this" and "that" in phrases

  • noun-adjective phrases

  • equational sentences with adjectives

  • using hal in yes/no questions

  • prepositions of location

  • counting one of something

  • idaafa: definite and indefinite


  • basic adjectives

  • subject pronouns: plural

  • discussing names

  • asking for directions

  • making and fulfilling requests

  • talking about where you are from

  • countries and capital cities

  • compass directions: north, south, east, west

  • the Middle East

  • boat trip down the Nile

  • emails and blog posts in Arabic

  • vocabulary: everyday items, places around town, nationalities

  • introduction to dialects (basic questions)


*Al-Kitaab does not present material in the same order as the text we use. Therefore, students new to PAR are encouraged to purchase Mastering Arabic early and review the topics presented in previous courses before their first class meeting.


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Arabic 2 (full level)

Eight one-hour lessons


Arabic 2a (1st half)

Four one-hour lessons


Arabic 2b (2nd half)

Four one-hour lessons


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*You may register for the full level or only half. You can save $30 by registering for the full level.

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