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It's Easy to Get Started!

Just follow two simple steps:

1. Register

You may take a full, eight-lesson course or only half (four lessons). Either way, you'll have eight weeks (56 days) to complete the course. If you're busy you may be better off taking a half course, so you can half two months to complete four lessons. If you can commit to eight lessons in eight weeks you can save $30 by registering for the full course.


To register, simply choose the class that interests you below. Read the detailed course description and, if you're sure that's the course you want, click the "register" button. (If you're a beginner, take Arabic 1. If you're not a beginner and aren't sure which course is right for you, schedule a free 20 minute lesson.)

Beginner Levels

Intermediate through Advanced

2. Schedule

After you register you'll receive a confirmation email. Click the "schedule" link in the email to schedule your lessons. (Be sure to enter your time zone so we're all on the same page.) Your lessons do not all have to be on the same day of the week or at the same time of day. You don't even have to have a lesson every week; just make sure you complete all your lessons within 56 days. When you schedule your lessons you'll get another email confirming your appointments. You'll also receive reminder emails before each lesson.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, no problem! Simply click the same "schedule" link in your confirmation email to make any changes. You can change your appointment up to six hours ahead of time. Be sure to save your confirmation email in case you need to change your schedule.

Questions? Contact us! We'll help you through the process.

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