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Arabic 3

This course is for you if you've completed:

  • Arabic 2 at Pacific Arabic, or

  • Al-Kitaab, vol. 1 through chapter 10 at another school*

What You'll Learn


  • reading and writing: more practice

  • basic conversation

  • counting

  • using an Arabic dictionary



  • verbs: past tense (perfect) singular conjugations

  • root letters (al-jadhr) and word patterns (al-wazn)

  • nouns of place: maf3al, maf3ala and maf3il

  • mass nouns

  • numbers: 1–10

  • dual: nouns and adjectives

  • broken plurals: af3aal, fu3uul and mafaa3il

  • case endings (al-i3raab): introduction to the accusative (an-naSb), dual and sound plurals in all three cases



  • counting items

  • possessive prepositions ("have")

  • "these" and "those" (human and nonhuman)

  • nonhuman plurals = feminine singular

  • linking words



  • "having" something

  • colors

  • shopping and prices

  • ordering in a restaurant / menus and bills

  • cuisine of Arab regions / favorite foods

  • discussing what you did in the past

  • listening to a news broadcast

  • description of a police investigation

  • questions: what (with a verb)? how many? what is the cost?

  • vocabulary: foods and drinks, groceries, clothes, materials (cotton, leather, etc.), party and school supplies, money and currencies

*Al-Kitaab does not present material in the same order as the text we use. Therefore, students new to PAR are encouraged to purchase Mastering Arabic early and review the topics presented in previous courses before their first class meeting.


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Arabic 3 (full level)

Eight one-hour lessons


Arabic 3a (1st half)

Four one-hour lessons


Arabic 3b (2nd half)

Four one-hour lessons


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*You may register for the full level or only half. You can save $30 by registering for the full level.

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