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Learn Arabic with an accomplished teacher wherever you are, and without a fixed weekly commitment. Schedule the lessons yourself to suit your convenience. Register for four-lesson packages or save money by completing eight lessons (one full level) in eight weeks. Progress at your own pace.

Try it for yourself! Schedule a free 20-minute lesson.

Courses Offered

Beginner Levels

Intermediate through Advanced

What Students Say

I've been wanting to learn Arabic for years but I travel a lot for work and was never able to take a group class. Pacific Arabic makes it possible! I set the schedule myself and can even take lessons while I'm traveling, wherever I am. I'm so happy I found Pacific Arabic.

I appreciate the flexibility this program offers. I can easily schedule my lessons and reschedule them if I need to. I also prefer private lessons to a regular class at the community college. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn Arabic.

Jamal is an excellent teacher and the curriculum is well structured. Pacific Arabic makes Arabic grammar clear and digestible. I've been taking my lessons about once a week, whenever I can. I'm very happy with the progress I've made and my friends are impressed. 

Mariella Cunningham

Greg Silver

Leroy Fuentes

Start learning today—wherever you are, whenever you can!

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